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The “nephew” told the dealership which car the victim should test drive.

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Dare Community Crime Line is a vital bridge between the Dare County community of citizens and law enforcement officials.We actively facilitate neighborhood safety and security by providing an anonymous, safe way to report suspected crimes and by financially rewarding those tips that lead to an actual arrest.The male suspect is calling from a Verizon based cell phone. Scam Alert VI A new round of calls purportedly to be from Dominion Power have been reported to local law enforcement.The callers attempt to obtain money by posing a bill collectors for Dominion.Thanks to the intervention of a local bank, the victim was not defrauded, however others may not be so fortunate.

The scammer called from a Las Vegas area phone number (702) 490-0558.

Initial contact with the victim was made via a Facebook friend whose account had been hacked.

Scam Alert III Two Kill Devil Hills residents have been contacted by a male with a heavy accent representing himself as an IRS agent collecting fines and tax penalties.

Scam Alert A new scam was perpetrated on a Kill Devil Hills resident where the caller advised they were reaching out on behalf of a company attempting to refund money to the victim.

The scammer convinced the victim to provide him access to her computer and bank account.

The number the male was calling from in one case was (918) 725-2228 and in another a computerized voice message from the IRS came from (202) 738 1919.