Dating a woman with a biracial child jungle fever dating

My grandmother used to say "do you see cardinals and bluejays mating?

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One day we were driving back from who knows where, and were listening to the radio news.

Don't know what came up, but then she got onto some rant about "Things are getting better??????? Racism is increasing, blah, blah..." Don't actually know what her point was, but, kept my trap shut and let it pass.

Where I'm from, a white woman is ruined if she sleeps with black men.

While whites here have black friends, we do not create mixed-race babies.

For example, one girl I knew was very fair-skinned, and some racist black people assumed she was entirely white and treated her accordingly.

I've also heard of people who have certain racial features but do not know their traditional culture (like person of Mexican descent who does not speak Spanish) and it causes societal friction between them and more recent immigrants.So, point being, to date another woman as defined in the OP, she'd have to be a bit more stable, or have an amazing rack. But, "Star Trek" jokes aside, I've known a lot of people who are of mixed race.They do complain that sometimes it causes problems.The question isn't risky, but it is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, she is cool and the kids' racial composition has exactly NO bearing on how we did/do get along.OTOH, she has a stick up her ass about racial things.I mean, consider the opposite; would you date a woman who held up her little kid and started boasting of his racial purity? If anything having a "mixed race" child would be a small bonus for me, since it indicates a probable lack of racism on her part. I won't eat chicken and I won't eat a cow; I don't eat animals, I eat children now.