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Another target was Commentary magazine editor John Podhoretz, who had posted a comment on Twitter in 2015 about Weinstein's rumored assault victims.

Actresses Sophie Dix and Katherine Kendall were also subjects of interest, according to the source.

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Ajamie's investigation found that Weinstein's financial deal 'exposed amf AR to material risks to its financial integrity and reputation.' In the process, Ajamie also discovered some of the sexual assault allegations against Weinstein.'I knew that Weinstein and his lawyers had hired private investigators, and his lawyers were investigating me and trying to harass me,' said Ajamie.He said he recalled run-ins with individuals he believed may have been working for private investigators.Our porn games selection is huge, with everything from life-like, realistic virtual 3D Porn Games to more cartoonish Hentai Sex Games drawn in Japanese style anime.Emergency teams in bio suits descended on the Israeli embassy in a training exercise for a hazardous chemical attack.The blonde spy duped Mc Gowan into meeting with her and even managed to obtain a copy of the actress’s unpublished memoir this year, after telling the actress she was a women’s rights advocate from London.

Penn claimed she worked for a London-based investment company called Rueben Capital Partners.The investigation targeted actresses who accused Weinstein of sexual assault, but it also extended to Weinstein's supposed friends and allies.A source familiar with the operation said Black Cube was asked to investigate Weinstein's long-time friend Kenneth Cole and the Foundation for AIDS Research (amf AR), a charity where Weinstein was a donor. Black Cube was also asked to look into Thomas Ajamie, a financial fraud attorney who had been hired by amf AR to examine a suspicious financial transaction involving Weinstein.amf AR remains committed to pursuing its charitable mission of finding a cure for the over 30 million people living with HIV and AIDS.'The initial October contract reveals that Weinstein promised to pay Black Cube 0,000 for two months of work – plus up to 0,000 in bonuses if the firm went above and beyond the scope of its assignment.The cost included 'databases and software licenses, flights, travel, computers and special accessories, and out of pocket expenses.'Black Cube would also be paid an additional 0,000 if Weinstein used the information it collected in lawsuits, pitched it to the media or gave it to law enforcement.Over the past year, he said several strangers showed up at his law office claiming they had scheduled meetings with him or stopped by his apartment unannounced.