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The man purveys his religion, his caste and his class. The woman becomes an object for the purpose of defining the man, rather than holding an identity of her own.

Hence, at a (supposed) time of need to assert one s religious identity, for instance the Hindu-Muslim riots during the Partition of India (1947) the woman-object became woman-object-signifier.

The extent to which the sovereign was responsible in advocating the communal massacres still remains a matter of great debate and dispute among scholars, historians, sociologists and political analysts, and it is beyond the scope of this paper to engage in the same.

The attempt here is to investigate the underlying gender politics; casting man in the role of the sovereign, and with the same implications, woman in the role of the people.

Para ello, se seguirán los principios teóricos de bios y zoē formulados por Giorgio Agamben incluyendo una perspectiva de género.

En segundo lugar, el artículo se centra en un suceso en particular que tuvo lugar en el pueblo de Thoa Khalsa (distrito de Rawalpindi, ahora en Pakistán) durante marzo de 1947 y en el que se suicidaron noventa mujeres con el objetivo de evitar violaciones, secuestros y la conversión religiosa (sucesos que mancharían el honor de la WOMEN AS MARTYRS comunidad a la que pertenecían).

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