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The most recent, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, has seen great success and largely contributed to the 8% attendance growth of the park.Other popular sections include Toon Lagoon, Seuss Landing, and Marvel Super Hero Island.

The park's over 20 marine shows feature killer whales, dolphins, and sea lions.

Next year, the park is adding five more attractions, one called Ocean Explorer that takes riders through the simulated sea while inside a submarine.

Location: Kings Island, Ohio Attendance 2015: 3.34 million Cost of Day Pass: Kings Island is a seasonal amusement park that's open only from early spring until Labor Day, except for a few weekends surrounding Halloween for its popular Halloween Haunt events.

Some former employees of Kings Island are Carmen Electra, Woody Harrelson, and Nick Lachey, who each worked at the park before going on to successful careers in singing and acting.

The Ghost Town was the first attraction built by the original owners, the Knott family, in 1940.

There are 40 rides in all, including roller coasters, family- and kid-friendly rides, and historical rides that highlight the rich history of the California frontier.Disney continues to dominate the list, with its parks taking the top five spots.Magic Kingdom draws the most visitors by a large margin, consistently ranking as not only the most popular in North America but the rest of the world as well.Location: Sandusky, Ohio Attendance 2015: 3.51 million Cost of Day Pass: With origins dating back to 1870, Cedar Point is the second-oldest operating theme park in the country.The park has 18 roller coasters and over 71 rides in total, making it a world-record holder for most rides.Each island has its own unique rides, shows, characters, and shops.