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Cara’s eyes tattoo is located just above Thai yant tattoo the model debuted at her sister’s wedding in 2014, and has sparked plenty of speculation about the meaning behind the interesting ink.

OFollowing the annual Comic-Con event in San Diego on July 21, 2016, Cara Delevingne hit up famed tattoo artist Dr.

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Cara’s coat of arms tattoo includes a shield with a capital letter “D” inked at the bottom of the shield, and a small crown and pair of wings inked above the coat of arms.At the same time that she debuted her monogrammed coat of arms tattoo, Cara Delevingne also discreetly revealed a tattoo of four white dots inked on her left ribcage, just above the coat of arms.We're told the minimum value of the stolen property is at least k, and likely more than that. Cara Delevingne has been bit by the tattoo bug in a big way, starting in 2013 what has proven to be a pretty impressive tattoo collection.We’re guessing Cara’s heart tattoo was inked by her favorite tattoo artist: Keith “Bang Bang” Mc Curdy.

On October 17, 2013, Cara Delevingne hit the tattoo parlor yet again and added tattoo number 8 – the word “silence” written in script on the inside of her right wrist.Cara is a self-professed bacon lover – she believes she has a steady relationship with the breakfast staple, and also says bacon is the secret to her fresh-faced beauty.The model commissioned celebrity tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” Mc Curdy to ink her foot tattoo, and she may soon follow it up with a tattoo dedicated to her other favorite food…cheese!Cara’s dove tattoo could also be a tribute to gal pal Rita Ora, who had Bang Bang ink a pink dove on her shoulder just last year!The week after Cara revealed her matching “DD” hip tattoo with Jourdan Dunn, the British model went under the needle yet again, this time adding a new tattoo to her right bicep.During the same tattoo session that resulted in Cara’s “breathe deep” bicep tattoo, the model also had Bang Bang ink a dove in white on her finger.