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If she qualified as a doctor and applied for registration, the General Medical Council could consider her application.However the body would have to pass Woodward as 'fit to practice', which it is unlikely to do, according to many health experts, regardless of her avoiding a custodial sentence.It came after her lawyer told the court she was now so 'recognisable' she is unable to going nightclubbing in London.

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The most important element to me is that no matter my size, I’m now twice as confident in my body than I was as a size 10.

When I was thinner I was more self-conscious, less confident around men and much more uptight.

He suspended the term after James Sturman QC, defending, had urged the judge to give Woodward a conditional discharge due to her 'unique vulnerability, remorse and good character'.

He said: 'She can't even go to a nightclub in London, she's so recognisable.'Woodward's barrister said in an earlier hearing that her dreams of becoming a surgeon were 'almost impossible' as her conviction would have to be disclosed.

The rest of the profile details were the same for both – Funnily enough, when that ‘thin’ me bikini shot was taken, I still thought I was fat.

That’s why I’m wearing that white skirt – to cover up my ‘massive belly’ and ‘big thighs’.Audio of Mr Fairclough's desperate call to police reveals the moment he was stabbed by the student, who he had met on dating app Tinder. Please come down here.'Woodward's case caused outcry when judge Ian Pringle failed to jail her and instead postponed sentencing, suggesting it would be 'too severe' to stop her following her dreams.During the recording, in which Woodward can be heard shouting incoherently in the background, Mr Fairclough says: 'I think my girlfriend has taken a lot of drugs and is throwing a lot of stuff around the house.' When the operator asks if she is on drugs, he replies 'yes, she’s definitely on cocaine at least', causing Woodward to shout 'I'm not! Woodward returned to court to discover her fate today and wept as the judge handed her to a 10-month sentence but, crucially, suspended the term for 18 months.The boyfriend stabbed with a bread knife by Oxford student Lavinia Woodward made a panicked 999 call in which he told the operator: 'She's definitely on cocaine at least'.Lavinia Woodward - a medical student who hoped to become a surgeon - admitted stabbing her Tinder lover Thomas Fairclough in the leg during a clash at Christ Church college.So, to find out if men like fat women, I created two identical online dating profiles of me size 18 and size 10 to find out.